Lunch Specials

Hot Honey BBQ drenched baby back ribs served with a cheddar garlic ciabatta, bacon ranch slaw, mashed potatoes and grilled corn on the cob $18.99

Sandwich of the Week:

French Onion - Ranch drenched Philly Chicken smothered with Buffalo mozzarella cheese, tabasco agave peppers, crumbled flamin hot cheetos and fresh greens topped with more Ranch and crumbled Bacon served with fries and a beverage included $12.99

Burger of the Month:

Honey Bourbon BBQ drenched cheddar cheeseburger with Chicharron crusted mozzarella cheese, Habanero Pesto onions (pesto contains Nuts), smoked bacon, crumbled chips and Pink sauce served with fries       $13.99