Lunch Specials

Parmesan Ranch Ny strip steak served with Grilled asparagus & sautéed veggies and cheddar bacon mashed potatoes $16.99

Taco Tuesday:

Chimichurri steak tacos on corn tortillas with black bean hummus, white cheese, pico de Gallo, fresh greens and ground chorizo served with melted queso nachos and a beverage included $13.99

Sandwich of the Week

Cheesy Pesto chicken Crunchwrap pressed and stuffed with smoked bacon, marina mushrooms, pico de Gallo, Cheetos and yellow rice served with melted queso nachos and a beverage included        $13.99 

KETO BOWL of the Week:

Mexican inspired Keto bowl with roasted red pepper chicken, stir fry cauliflower rice, homemade guacamole, Oaxaca Mexican cheese, fresh spinach tossed with chipotle crema and Quijote chorizo              $13.99

Burger Of The Month:

Roasted garlic aioli Monterey Jack cheeseburger with chorizo cheddar hash, fresh greens, caramelized onions and a fried egg topped with ground chorizo served with fries              $13.99